Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 2:

Day 2's assignment kept me stumped most of the day. 
"Take a picture of your kids, without them being in the picture." 
I took pictures of smeared lotion on the bathroom mirror and an abandoned ipod and headphones.  I thought of other countless things I could take pictures of. 
 But, when my girls walked through the freshly fallen snow, my lightbulb turned on.  These girls absolutely, positively MUST walk THROUGH the snow.  No matter how many times I encourage them to walk around it, Kapri starts walking through it and Piper immediately follows. 
This is how most things go lately.  Kapri does something, says something, eats something, throws something... and Piper immediately follows suit.  She adores her big sister.  
Don't get me wrong, they fight 23 hours a day, but that 1 hour... that one hour where they get along... laugh, play make-believe, snuggle while watching a show... that is exactly why being a mother is by far the COOLEST gift. 

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