Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 7:

Capture a photograph
of your child, family member, dog being frustrated.
Piper is 1 (2 tomorrow, but I will NOT say it... yet.)
She still has a binky.  She is CRAZY attached to said binky.
We couldn't find one this morning.. ANYWHERE.
We searched high, we searched low.  We looked in all of the "usual" spots.  Behind/under her crib.  Under my bed.  In the bathroom.  In the pile of dirty clothes that is the size of Virginia.  We couldn't find a single one.
I remembered that I had missed yesterdays assignment (kid showing frustration) and ran to get my camera.  As I was getting a picture of her cute poutiness, Kapri totally photobombed and kissed her on the cheek.
I caught her utter frustration.
Then Piper proceed to turn and SMACK Kapri cross the face.  So the next few pictures were of Kapri screaming. 
It was such a sweet moment.

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