Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 3:

DAY 3: Take a photograph of your child, husband, pet etc having a a quiet moment...incognito.
One of my favorite things is giving the girls a bath, getting on their pj's and reading before bed.  I was trying to pick up a little tonight, so I let the girls read together in Kapri's bed without me.  Too bad it didn't last long before they were out of the bed and messing up their room.  Love the quiet moments they have together.  (The quiet before the storm.  The silence before they punch eachother.)
I absolutely LOVE this photo challenge.  I almost never get my camera out to take pictures of my girls.  I find myself thinking all day about what I'm going to do for my assignment that day.  I might have to keep this up after 30 days.  Plus I look for the GOOD instead of dwelling on the fact that my girls fight and whine  :)

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