Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Me and Kapri went to Harmon's yesterday to pick up some things for dinner. The cashiers LOVE her (can you blame them?). When we went to check out the lady said "There you are!! I've missed you and your big flowers!!" So apparently my kid is known as the baby with the gigantic flower headbands at the neighborhood grocery store. They asked if they could give her a sticker, to which I replied "she'll just eat it". So instead they gave her a balloon. Her very first balloon EVER!! I picked purple, cause secretly I'm going to trick her into loving it as much as I do. She was FASCINATED by the dang thing. She stared at it the whole way home (which is only about two minutes, but thats like a million years to an 8 month old), then she stared at it for the first twenty minutes we were home. Of course I took pictures, cause thats what I do. Now I'll share them with you!! (All 3 of you that read this.)

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