Thursday, July 30, 2009

My family went camping over 4th of July weekend. Cody didn't come along.. I won't go into details why, cause franky I was furious about it then and I don't need to bring up any bad feelings again. P.S. I love him now and I'm over it. :)

This is before we headed up..

Josh wasn't able to go because he was on call for work, so Shonni and I went together and Kapri and I slept in her tent. I'm not sure why we thought that was the smartest idea.. being that we have two babies that sometimes put up a fight at bedtime. I brought Spanky along, mostly to protect us from bears. I was thinking about it though, he'd probably run up and wag his tail like mad, hoping the big black furry thing would play with him. Everyone insisted I was crazy. I felt better with him sleeping in our tent, even if only to warn us of approaching danger. (More on bears LATER.)

Traci and Jesse were moving the following week, so this was our "farewell" camping trip. So Traci, Jesse, the boys and Sophia (who was in town for a few weeks to visit) were there. Jalynn, Shawn, Taelor and her friend Keyli, Kelby (who entertained Spanky for most of the trip thank goodness), Ashlyn and Cadence all came. Mom and Jay, and Jack of course. Then Shonni and Addison, Me, Kapri and Spanky. It was the making for a party. It always is when I'm there. Cause I'm just that awesome.

Addison was up a lot that night and Shonni couldn't figure out why she was so fussy and uncomfortable. By the next morning Shonni had realized that Addison was constipated.. the poor kid couldn't get out her hard poo poos. Shonni was doing everything she could to help her. Prune Juice.. swabbing vaseline around her bum. (I heard this works somewhere, it did not work here, for us, on this day.) Addison was miserable most of the day. A few of us girls finally ended up going in to town to buy some suppositories to help her out. We ended up going to Robert's to get string to make bracelets. What was supposed to be a quick trip to town turned into a couple of hours.. whoopsie. We also made a stop at the coffee shop.. mmmmm.

So after we stopped at the grocery store and got the suppositories and some more wood we headed back up the mountain. When we pulled into our campground we saw yellow caution tape and signs marking off the neighboring campsite. Of course we had to go investigate. And much to our surprise, there was a BEAR TRAP set up, no further than 20 feet from my sister and her family's tent. No joke, a freaking bear trap. And to make things even more unbelievable, they had donuts and raw chicken in the thing. There are signs everywhere, "do not feed the bears, put away all of your food in cars, don't sleep in the clothes you cooked in". But there, within a VERY close proximity to our quarters, was a delicious snack for a hungry bear. When we pulled into our campsite, everyone started talking at once. "Did you see the bear trap?", "Right by my tent!", "Donuts and raw chicken!!". It was unbelievable!! Did I mention that I have a very LARGE fear of bears coming to get me in my sleep while camping. I don't take this fear lightly. I also have a fear of a moose chasing me, but thats a different subject for a different day.

Shonni and I ended up cutting the trip short, mainly because of Addison's fight with her poop.. but I'll admit the whole bear scare might have had something to do with it.. just a little.

Apparently my camera was having issues, because all of the pictures look crappy. But better than nothin', right?

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