Sunday, July 19, 2009


She's gone. Clear across the country. To the state of tans.. and hurricanes. Thats right, Traci has moved to FLORIDA!! Sure, I'm a little upset. I'll miss her and the boys, and Jesse. Not to mention, we won't even get to see Sophia when she gets to visit them. JERKS. How can they be so selfish!! Okay, so really, all joking aside we're sad they're gone, but they'd be dumb to pass up this opportunity. Jesse got a really great job out there, and its like the land of vacations right?? We'll just have to save up our cash and go visit them, often.

Before they left, in all the chaos of packing, we thought it would be a good idea to do family pictures. It was hectic, and felt rushed, but I am really glad she was able to make time for them. Shonni worked her magic with "positioning" and I looked through the lens and pushed the button on the camera. We make a great team. Don't worry.. I'll post some so you can drool over this FREAKING cute family!!




And what family pictures would be complete without the infamous SILLY SHOT!!


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  1. Holy crap that is so freaking far away! I wish them the best of luck! What a cute family!