Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fishies.. what fishies?

Cody took me and Kapri on a date to the Aquarium. We had been couped up in the house all week and we (mainly myself) needed to get out. She didn't care much for the fish. Actually she didn't care to look at the frogs or sting ray, for that matter. She was perfectly content wandering around staring at people and playing with babies. She's at the age where she wants to be down running around.. this isn't always convenient. She's also starting to throw tantrums when I don't let her run around.. every mother's dream!!

I swear to you this kid is allergic to the camera.. or she thinks she is. The second you pull it out she looks the opposite direction, REFUSING to look at you. This is a killer, especially to me, Miss Obsessive Picture Taker woman. She also refuses to take a picture with me. (I got lucky on this day, see above picture.) Maybe she's allergic to me too. I'm gonna use that against her next time she's hanging on me, begging me to pick her up. "Nope Kapri, you're allergic to me, remember? You'll break out in hives!!" Maybe I'm overreacting a little... but only a little.

Perfect example.. Kapri sit here in this boat so we can take a picture. What? You want me to sit where? Oooh.. look a screw on the wall..

Way over there..

Here I goooo!!

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  1. Isn't the aquarium fun. Let's give the girls a few okay several more months and try it again. She looked darling. Sounds fun! I need to get out too.