Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miss Addison turned 1!!!

Shonni's little girl Addison turned one on December 30, so she had a party at my mom's on New Year's Day. Her aunts/uncles/grandma/grandpa.. and maybe even their dogs, gave her a four wheeler. Hello AWESOME!! She loved it.. and much to our surprise, actually knew what to do with it. They only had to show her the "gas" button once and off she went!!

We sat Kapri on it and she acted like a 15 year old trying to learn stick in a church parking lot. Stop, go, stop, GOOOO!! She preferred riding on the back while Addie drove.

I'm pretty sure that Addison is thinking "I'll play along and give this here chick a ride, but this is MY four wheeler.. I'm sick of sharing stuff with her.. she's mean to me".. or somethin' like that.

Addison dug into her cake.. a little at first.

Then she went full force.

After she'd had some fun she was nice enough to share with Kapri.

Shonni thought they weren't making a big enough mess so she contributed by putting the cake on their heads.. you should've seen the bathtub water. Gross.


  1. Oh heck this is the best. That little four wheeler is pretty much the coolest thing ever. They are the cutest cousins.

  2. Both little girls look like they're so tough I love it! Can't believe you and Shonni have one year olds! Crazy!!