Sunday, May 23, 2010

Catch up... not ketchup.

I'm about to take you on a journey, a trip through the last few weeks of our lives. But first, a quick question. Why do some people say its catsup, and others, ketchup?? All of the KETCHUP people should get together and work this quarrel out. Its all the same stuff, right? There is enough confusion in this world without condiments being thrown in the mix.

So, I have a bunch of pictures from fun things we've been doing lately. I feel like I never have time to catch up (haha.. there's that word again) on my blogging. I use this mainly as my journal, so I can look back and remember things we've done. I have a horrible memory, just ask my sister Shonni.

So... last weekend I finally got around to planting my garden. (You can read about my cow manuer adventures here.) Early Saturday morning I met up with my Mom, sister Jalynn, and sister-in-law Kim, to go to garage sales. We started in Highland..

Dear people of Highland.. its a GARAGE SALE. You cannot try to sell used childrens Juicy Couture sweat suit for 40 dollars. People go to garage sales to get GREAT deals. The end.

We found a couple of good deals. Jalynn got a coffee table for 5 bucks.. she's in the process of refinishing it. I got a chair that I'm going to paint some ridiculously fun color for pictures. We also stopped at Walmart and Home Depot and stocked up on dirt, poop/dirt, plants, herbs and FLOWERS. We headed back to Jalynn's house and decided to stop at The Nook and Cranny on State St. in Lehi. I have a love/hate relationship with this store. Sometimes you can find some great deals there, but mostly, I can't stand the clutter. OH THE CLUTTER. But, its worth rummaging through, cause you might find a great steal of a deal. On this visit, I happened to find a vintage baby scale, which I have been wanting for quite some time now. I even managed to talk them down on the price 20%!! Sometimes I think I get some type of a "high" when I get a good deal on something. Like clearance shopping at Target.. ahhhh the glory of finding an adorable dress for Kapri, and its only $3.48, or some ridiculous price.

When I got home I wanted to get started right away on the garden. Kapri LOVES being outside, so she was eager to help. If you notice, in my post, I used my foot a lot to move the dirt around. This is because, as much as I hate to admit the girlyness, I HATE DIRT IN MY FINGERNAILS!!! Hate it. Kapri on the other hand, doesn't seem to mind. She was digging her hands in the dirt like crazy.

After I finished the garden, and a few flower pots, we showered and headed over to Jalynn's for the evening. They had a fire going.. which brings up a whole new set of stress for me. FIRE. (Sorry to do this Shonni, but....) My little sister fell into a fire when she was 2. Luckily my uncle was quick to grab her out, but she was still badly burned. One of her hands has grafting on the palm, and we are constantly shoving it into the kids faces and saying "THIS is why you don't play around the fire!!" Shonni loves this. (*sarcasm font*)

We pretty much spent the entire time blocking Kapri from running towards the fire, she, in turn, thought it was a game, and kept trying. As a form of distraction, Ashlyn got her barbies and dressed her up in a cape.

Then we decided its time she learns to jump. We spent the next twenty minutes peeing our pants laughing. I would say, one two three JUMP. (Then I'd jump HIGH into the air. Well, my feet would leave the ground, for a milisecond.) We kept saying, one two three jump, and Kapri was doing this head banging, full body whipping, grunting movement. Her feet would not leave the ground, but she sure thought she was jumping!!

On Sunday played with BUBBLES!! Not only does Kapri love them, but Spanky is obsessed with them.

On Sunday night, Cody cooked a DELICIOUS stir fry and noodles dinner. MMMM mmmm!!

He's been whipping out his cooking skills alot more often lately, and I am sure not complaining!!

On Tuesday night we met up with my Dad, Shonni and Josh to go to dinner at the new Japanese restaurant, Fong, in Pleasant Grove. Kapri had her very first potato bug experience.. she was a little confused, but let it crawl all over her arm!!

Phew.. thats it. For now anyway.. tune in for more LATER!! Cause my life is exciting, and I wanna share this excitement with you. Because I'm sure your life is lame, and needs some spice. Right? Right?? Hello...

What is THIS you ask??

This is my nephew Kelby.. he'd be such a lady killer if only he'd CUT HIS HAIR!! He's just doing it to make me crazy, I know it.

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