Monday, May 10, 2010

One big pansy couple...

Scene: Cody and I, in bed, ready to go to sleep. (No friskiness here people, just good clean humor.)

Cody has the blanket tucked up under his feet like he does every night. He has had the same fear since he was 2. If your feet are out in the air, someone, or possibly someTHING might grab them. Irrational you think? Maybe.

Now, just a side note. I have OCD, pretty sure of it. I have to check the closet before I go to sleep. I turn on the light, look under the hanging clothes (for feet of course), and check behind the door. Sometimes I have to do this more than once, especially if I leave the room and come back before getting into bed. Ridiculous, yes. But try telling my brain that. (Also, what exactly do I think I would do if there really was someone hiding in my closet? I'm going to ponder on that thought.)

Back to scene.

Cody, in bed, feet covered... makes fun of me, once again, for having to check in the closet. I get into bed.. and after we've been laying there for a moment or two.. I calmly say. "Hey, my foot is hanging out over the bed in open air."

You would've thought I just told him I saw a man in the doorway. He started having a seizure.. twisting and turning, flipping and flopping. "TAWNYA.. cover your feet, thats not even funny, why would you do that??!!!!"

You're right, Cody. Because there is a much larger chance of a green, slimey, one-eye monster, grabbing your foot, than a man hiding in the closet, waiting for me to fall asleep so he can take advantage of me.

I love this man.. irrational fears and all.

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  1. You are so freakin funny! I love it! Thanks for keeping me entertained!! Love you guys!