Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day...

It still seems weird that I am a mom. A mother to a little girl. Thats such a scary thought to me. I am responsible for a life.

I remember when I was younger, I would see other people's kids mis-behaving, I would always say to myself "my kids will never act this way". HAHA. Jokes on me. Because, the truth is, EVERY kid acts that way. The crucial part is how you act in return. I have learned that discipline is exhausting. I always find myself having an argument with myself. "It'd be easier, and more relaxing, if we just let her throw the rocks around." "Tawnya, get off your lazy butt and MAKE her stop throwing the rocks." More often than not, I give in to the "smarter" side of me, but its not always easy.

This parenting thing is tough. But I'll keep on chuggin'. Because, toughness aside, its all worth it.

We went to a park in Highland to meet up with my family for a picnic.

Kapri was in HEAVEN with all of the dirt and rocks. That girl loves getting dirty.

We celebrated 5 Birthdays while we were there. Jalynn, Josh, Shonni, Jonathon and Lynsie. (Jonathon was too cool to blow out candles.)

Addison wasn't having a good day..

But surely Papa could snuggle those grumpies away.

Kapri was really upset that we wouldn't let her dive into the pond. Ashlyn had to use her mighty muscles to hold her back. She is very adamant about getting her way, hard headed like her Dad, and me. She was doomed from the beginning.

Kapri LOVES Ashlyn. I think its bordering an obsession.

After the picnic we headed over to Cody's mom's house for dinner. (Has anyone else ever noticed how much my life revolves around food. No wonder I'm not a size 2.)

Kapri loves riding with the window down.. it must be the feeling of the wind blowing through her hair(s). (Haha.. just making light of the NO hair situation.)

Cody's step-brother, Tim, and his wife Ashley were there. They've got two kids, Taisha and Brayden. I snapped a few pictures of them while we were lounging out in the front yard.

Click here to see more.

Kapri LOVES going to Grandma Annie's house. I wonder if that has anything to do with all the treats she gets. Or it could be all of the fun stuff they have to do there!!

We went for a ride on the three-wheeler again. Kapri loved it and didn't want to get off.

We headed home that pretty late that night. Kapri zonked within minutes of getting in the car. Guess we wore her out.

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  1. It looks like you guys had a great time! We need to go to the sand dunes soon. Kapri would have dirt and 4-wheelers! Heaven :)