Saturday, August 14, 2010

If I were a guy...

I have this friend, her name is Bree. I once told her, when she had recently broken up with a boyfriend and was upset, that if I were a guy, I would TOTALLY date her. I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. I'm a good friend like that.

Anyway, her family has a condo in Moab, Utah. Land of the arches, red rock, hippies and such. We LOVE going there and have been lucky enough to be invited a few times. And NO, this is not the only reason I'm friends with her. I also like her hair.

We headed down with a few friends and all our chillins, back in July. Moab in July? I know, who does that? But it really wasn't all that hot, plus we spent most of our time in the pool, or the air conditioned condo.

Bree, Chad and their girls Reese and Stella were there. Of course they were there, they are the ones who invited us. It'd just be rude to tell them they couldn't come. And our friends Kim, Kree and their son Ethan came. Ethan is a hot commodity. Stella and Kapri have been fighting over him since, well, since their parents decided so. Its a constant battle to see who will marry him. We've got atleast 30 years before I even think about letting Kapri date, so BRING IT ON STELLA!!!

We did a lot of swimming...

I snapped this cute shot..

Then, in true Bree and Britney style, they had to go and make it awkward.

We brought along Bree's sister, Britney. She offered to babysit while the worn out parents (US) went on a much needed date. I'm not sure she knew what she was getting into.


So.. we piled into the Fowles' Pilot, Bree and I in the VERY back.

We'd kept hearing about the infamous ALCO. We had to make a stop there.

Then we stopped at the Branding Iron and had some grub.

After dinner we headed into the Arches National Park.

I'm pretty sure atleast 7 people drove by and thought "Will somebody PLEASE tell those people not to quit their day jobs."

There's something creepy about the trees in Moab, they got frisky on more than one occasion..

Kree had survived a two story fall last year, and is still recovering from all of the broken bones in his feet. So we decided to go on a SMALL, EASY hike. Bree assured us.

Come to find out, there were about 8,000 stairs at the beginning. Sure, that might be easy to Bree's skinny butt..

After our leisurly stroll, we headed back to the condo. Britney had all of the babies sleeping so we got to enjoy the rest of the night with games and friends.

Kim and Kree headed out the next morning. Ethan had had enough fun and was ready to go home. We know how that goes.

Its funny how once you have kids, they control your days. Ahh.. the joys of parenthood.

We made a stop at the music park.

After the park we went swimming again. I took some pictures, but started getting the "you're seriously taking MORE pictures" look a couple of times, and decided it was time to retire the camera, for this trip anyway.

Here's one of those "looks" now..

We headed home in the afternoon. Sad to leave...

But eager to get home.

We can't wait 'til next year!! Hint, HINT.

Thanks Bree and Chad!!


  1. Oh my gosh your posts are so fun to read! Moab has become an awesome tradition. So glad you guys joined us!!! Can't wait till the next time

  2. I've been waiting for you to post this, in like FOREVER! Thank you, I loved reading it.