Saturday, August 7, 2010

Short and Sweet.

I swear by the chin on my chinny chin chin. Except there ain't any.

We went to my sister, Jalynn's, for the 4th this year.

We took a lot of pictures.

Cute ones.

This is another one of those "no denying who her father is" shots. We have a lot of those.

My tattoo and shoe went great together for the holiday, so I snapped a shot.

And NO, I am not a Dallas Cowboys fan. I know you were thinking it.

Ashlyn and Cadence took Kapri and Addison in the sprinklers.

Fun was had.

Drinks were stolen...

We had a fire.. which is not all that enjoyable when you have a kid that refuses to sit on your lap, and doesn't quite understand that the fire will BURN her!!

We even did a few fireworks.. the stick on this one broke when Cody tried to put it in the ground, so he held it. And almost caught his face on fire.

Please tune in for my next post, you won't be disappointed. It will involve smooshie faces, and several "awkward" positions. Oh Geez, sometimes I even surprise myself with my lameness.

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