Thursday, July 8, 2010

30 years.. now thats just crazy talk!!

I have a great friend, her name is Deana. She has parents (obviously) who are also great friends of our's. Gary and Dorothy. Now, they are not your every day couple. They RARELY (like almost NEVER) fight, and have this calm, go with the flow, nothin' gets their panties in a ruffle, relationship. Its refreshing.

They celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary in June, and Deana threw a HUGE party in honor of them. She pulled out all the stops: tons of food, lots of friends a BOUNCE HOUSE. This girl knows how to throw a party.

Did I mention it was a SURPRISE!! Nothin' beats pulling off a great surprise party. Deana asked me to capture all of the greatness in pictures. Sadly, I wasn't warned that they had arrived, and in my huge hurry to catch the looks on their faces, the first few pictures were blurry, Disappointing, but what can you do. I should've made 'em cover their eyes again and act surprised.. yep, should've. You wouldn't have known it was fake, except that I told you. Crap.

The bounce house was a HUGE success.

Addison wasn't so sure at first, but then warmed up to it.

Kapri LOVED it, and didn't want to get out.

When the time came to open presents I made sure I was front and center. A couple of weeks earlier we had a family reunion in Wyoming (I'll be getting around to sharing that with you soon, hopefully). Ever heard of the Steelers? You know, that pretty darn popular football team in Pittsburg?? Yeah, that one. Well, we're related to a guy that happens to play for them. Brett Keisel. Yep, he's totally my cousin. (So what if its like third cousin twice removed, or something crazy like that.) Anyhoo, the Matiyasics are CRAZY fans of this so called team, so I thought it only fitting to bring them something, or a few things, signed by him.

I think our football, sports cup (yes, the kind that protects your "junk", and I made sure to get it in the XL size to humor Brett) and a signed anniversary card were a big hit!! Pretty sure we were the coolest people there, maybe.

I took some pictures of the hot couple, and then decided to take a few of the whole family while we were there. They weren't very cooperative. In almost every picture, atleast one of them is looking off in to space. Come on, we're all adults. JUST LOOK AT THE CAMERA AND SMILE!!

I love these people!!

Way to pull off the party of the century D!!

P.S. You're hot!!

Here's to the next 30 years, Congratulations Gary and Dorothy!! I love ya more then my luggage!!

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