Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camping.. sort of.

Last month Cody came up with a BRILLIANT idea. Camping.. IN HIS MOM'S BACKYARD!!! Lets face it, it was genius. Don't get me wrong, I love camping. However, I do not love bears. Over the past few years (I'm sure you remember the little boy that was killed by a bear up American Fork canyon) I have become MORTIFIED of bears. I hate sleeping in tents, and every noise makes me pee my pants. I think becoming a parent has quadrupled this fear. It doesn't help that last year when we went camping there was a bear sighting and they actually had to set up a bear trap.. TWENTY FEET FROM OUR CAMPSITE!! Really.

Anyway, hunky husband had a brilliant idea.. blah blah blah. We decided to do it the same weekend that Taylorsville had their little town celebration and they were doing fireworks.. even more convenient.. we could see them from the backyard!!

When we got there our niece Taisha was playing on the slip 'n slide.. Kapri was not about to miss out on the fun, so she joined in, clothes and all.

Frank amazed us with his bbq.. AGAIN. Heck, its delicious. Wish I got a picture so you could drool over it. Annie made me a cake.. and everyone was nice enough to sing to me.

27. What the heck. When I turned 26 I didn't feel old. For some reason, this year I do.

After we ate dinner and got into our pjs we settled in to watch the fireworks. Kapri loved 'em, much to my satisfaction.

Poor Ashley was the hot seat of the night.

Frank made a fire, and then pounded on his chest, cause thats what guys do. I think he might've yelled something like "I am he-man, hear me roar!!" Yeah, I'm pretty sure of it.

When Cody and I went to the store to get stuff for s'mores we saw the HUGEST marshmallows you've ever seen, and of course we had to get them.

They were messy, and delicious.

Let me just tell you that fires are almost NO fun when you have a one year old running around. None of us really relaxed the entire time we were sitting there.

At about midnight I decided Kapri was pooped and needed to go to bed. Now, if you've met this little girl, you know that she does not like to miss out on anything. She screamed for a good ten minutes after I brought her in the tent because she was so upset that I was making her go to bed.

She's a fiesty one. Me, Cody, Ashley and Tim stayed up talking until after 3. WHAT? Who does that? Certainly not me, I love my sleep.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast and then went swimming.. Kapri's current favorite thing!!

Sometimes I dread going camping, just because I hate doing all of the clean up. This time, we folded up our sleeping bags/blankets, took down the tent, and we were done!!

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  1. Yup, that's what I'm going to do one of these first nights. Going camping with three little ones just sounds like too much work. So we'll do it in our backyard. Don't think we'll even use tents as all ours are huge, meant for hunting. I think we'll sleep out under the stars and use those new sleeping bags we bought the girls. Thanks, I almost forgot I'd planned to do so in all the rush of summer.