Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cowboy State... Part One.

I can't do a quick blog.. post a couple of pictures, write a few words. I've tried. More than once. Its just not in me. I also don't have time to write such extensive blogs.. which is why I am never caught up. I'm doing this blog in two parts, so I can actually post the first half that I've already spent twelve days on.

Back in the beginning of June (yes, I realize its almost August and I'm just now catching up) Shonni, Addison, Kapri and I headed to Wyoming for a couple of family reunions.

Side note: I would like you all to know that I just about had a heart attack. Here I am writing a blog about Wyoming and my pictures were missing. Phew.. I found 'em. You can stop crying now.

WARNING: I have a lot of pictures to share.. if you're not interested, pretend you are, and look anyway. Pretty please.

We got to Thermopolis pretty late on a Friday evening. When we pulled into our Motel Shonni and I both looked at each other with the look of DEATH in our eyes. It was THAT motel.. you know, the one you see in all of the horror movies!! The sign was even flickering "VACANCY". Of course there are open rooms.. because everyone's dead!! They lure you in with the Free Hot Breakfast.

We calmed down, a little, got the girls bathed, into their pj's and headed over to Grandma and Papa's room to do some motel room "bed jumping".

We didn't stay in a lot of motels/hotels while I was growing up, but I'm pretty sure we jumped from bed to bed (over and over again until the adults locked us in the closet) in every one we did stay in. Thus, it has become tradition.

At one point, quite a few people were sitting on the bed.. then I decided to unload myself (a mere 120 lbs I'll have you know) onto the bed. BOOM. Yep.. I'll say it. Right here on the World Wide Web.. I broke the bed. You can be nice and say it was ALL of the weight together.. but I was the straw (or bale of hay) that broke the camels back (or in this case, the bed). But don't fret, I fixed it.

At some point Kapri kept wanting to wear Shonni's bra.. so I of course helped her. I'm a nice mom like that.

The next morning we had the first of two family reunions. This one was for my mom's immediate family, their kids, and grand kids. So I knew everyone, what a relief. We were supposed to have it at a park, but I don't think it stopped raining the entire time we were there, so we ended up in a church.

Games were played...

Prizes were won...

Fun was had...

Meet my Grandpa Jack.. he's our "Horse Grandpa".
Meet Braeden, and his pants.. that are ALWAYS falling off.

Grandma Hockley, the sweetest lady ever. (But she wasn't always this sweet, hehe.)

Then we went swimming in the hot pools. I didn't want to deal with my camera, so there are no pictures. (Darn, I know you ALL wanted to see me in my bathing suit.) But I'll have you know, it was a BLAST.

That night we did some more bed jumping.. and this time Grandpa Jack was there too.

Addison is the world's best giver of Raspberries.

Next up.. more pictures (surprise), ANIMALS!!, banister sliding and cemetaries.

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