Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

We had a busy day on Father's Day.. so many people want to see us.. and we don't want to disappoint anyone. Ha ha.. thats kind of sarcastic, kind of not.

I let Cody sleep in, being that its his first "official" father's day. When he got up Kapri gave him some of his favorite treats and a card that she had personally signed. I picked out another AMAZING card, by the way. Its a gift, given from God. I can pick the best greeting cards ever. Just ask Cody.. if he says no, he's lying. Liar face. If he says yes, he's right.

So we went to Cody's parent's for lunch. They had bought Kapri a new bouncer. Frank insisted on getting it so she wouldn't be bored at their house.. Kapri loves it.

She was playing with all the fancy smancy toys, spinning the frog. And then.. she discovered the mirror.

She was staring at herself for quite a while. 7 months old.. and she's already vain.

Spanky galloped and frolicked around the ginormous back yard, and then plopped down in the shade to rest.

We went to Traci's to make dinner for my dad. Wanna hear what our feast consisted of? Steak, beer battered fish sticks, oriental chicken salad, tomato deliciousness thingies and sundaes. Wow.. it sounds even more random than I thought it did. We called it our "sampler dinner". It was mostly delish.. my steaks were bland. Tender, but BLAND. Tender and bland doesn't make a good combo. Maybe tender and flavored from the heavens above. That would've worked out better. Oh well. I'll work on that for next time.

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