Monday, June 22, 2009

Sushi for my BIRTHDAY!!

I turned 26. It seems much older than 25. I still can't believe I am an adult. A bill paying, married, mothering ADULT. Remember when you were younger and you used to look forward to getting mail? It usually meant it was your birthday and you got money. I don't even get the mail these days. Dumb old ads and bills, thats all thats in there. Boooo on bills, thats what I say.

Cody.. a.k.a. The Bestest Hubby in the World, scratch that, UNIVERSE.. took me out for Sushi on my B to the irthday!!! Seriously, a year ago I would have never believed that I would love sushi.. but here I am, craving it on a regular basis. Mmmm.. I could go for some right now.

This is Cody, full-heartedly putting all of his attention towards choosing what he wanted.

Man was he taking FOREVER and I was starving. This is my disapproving look/glare.

After what seemed like hours, he had made his final decisions. Luckily they were pretty quick getting our food to us.. and I devoured it.

Kapri came along for dinner, and then Shonni was nice enough to watch her so that we could go to a movie. We went and saw "The Hangover". Dirty, dirty movie. Funny, funny movie. Thanks again for watching her Shonni!! And.. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Cody for surprising me with a delicious sushi dinner for my birthday!!

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  1. you guys are such a cute couple. We love you. Happy birthday again.