Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WARNING: Super, gigantic, enormous, large, flamboyantly long post.

When we got up on Sunday I asked Cody if we could go for a drive.. he asked "where?" To which I replied "I don't care". And thus, our day began.

So.. Cody and I, with our trusty Starbucks Frappucinno and Chai in hand, and Kapri with her favorite toy Gus Gus (the horse of course), ventured off into the vast lands of Utah for a drive.

Our first destination was American Fork Canyon, but we quickly learned (thanks to the chick at the pay station) that the Alpine Loop is still closed from Winter. Instead of letting this small bit of information damper our day, we decided to drive up as far as we could and then turn around.

Oh, let me just show you how much Kapri enjoyed the views..

Oh man was she LOVIN' it!!

So let me just tell you, Cody made a cd before we left. A mumbo jumbo of music, if you will. Most of which was great music, some of which was NOT great music. I am not a fan of twangy country.. and this was the twangiest of them all!! I kept changing it to the next song.. hoping to get away from that dreadful noise. Cody said, "don't you dare change this song or I'll, I'll put my fingers up your nose!"

I would call that a threat.. so guess what I did, I changed the dang song again!! Here is the consequence.

BTW.. have you ever taken pictures of yourself in the side view mirror? I'm guessing you haven't, cause most people don't have such splendid ideas as I. Well, you should try it. Its pretty amusing.

This is how NOT to do it. Its totally not cool to see the camera in the picture.

SUCCESS!! As you can see.. no camera in the picture. I look completely natural.

You too can have hopes and dreams!! Please, hold your applause.

After we drove up the canyon we still had two hours before we had to be somewhere (you can stop fretting, I'll be telling you about "somewhere" very soon), so we decided to head up to Kennecott Mine. I'd never been there before and Cody is always telling me how BIG the hole is. We were driving north, and the mine was on our left. Cody just kept going and going, and I couldn't figure out why we were driving in the wrong direction. So.. I asked him. He said "Tawnya, I'm going to blah blah blah, cause thats how we get there." I said okay, and didn't bring it up again. Then all of the sudden he was calling his mom, who also said that blah blah blah is the right way to go. When he hung up the phone he said "told you so". Wait.. I didn't even say I didn't believe you.. apparently he was needing backup. So we went to blah blah blah street and turned west. Well, let me just tell you.. after driving for quite some time, and going through some town that I'd never even heard of, we came to a dead end.

Oh yes, we could see the mine alright, but we couldn't get to it. The sign said something about going south to some highway and that would take you to the visitor's center. HA!! I didn't even try prove Cody wrong (which I normally do) and I was RIGHT anyway!! Poo on you!! I didn't tell him this of course, in fact, he probably isn't even aware of his defeat until this moment. Sorry baby.. you were WRONG!! Man that feels so good sometimes.

So.. we went south. We got to the pay station (it costs $5/car, which is worth it I say) and drove the 4.5 miles up to the visitor center.

It rained on us a little, luckily I had packed a jacket for Kapri cause it was a little chilly. Okay, so seriously.. that hole really is HUGE!! They say you can see it from space. They drive around these ginormous dump trucks. I kept wondering how on earth they get up into them. They're as big as a house!! Then I noticed the not so small staircase on the front of them. Oh no, not some measley ladder, a full on staircase!! Crazy.

So to give you an idea of how big those suckers are they have displayed one of their tires. The tire is twice as tall as me. Now look back at the previous picture.. those tiny black specks are the HUMUNGOUS trucks!! They just look so small cause they're in that gargantuous hole I've been talking about!! It really is amazing. I suggest you go.. its only a twentyish minute drive, depending on where you live.

Cody looks seriously scared.. poor guy. Kapri has no idea whats going on.

But she's enjoying herself none the less.

By this time it was almost 4 o'clock and we had to head back to that special "something" that I was talking about earlier. I know, you're dying to hear.

We had plans to meet my dad at the Cottom Bottom for garlic burgers. These are not just any burgers.. they are scrumptious!! And my dad was buying.. good FREE food!! Thanks Dad!!

Oh, and I had another one of my marvelous ideas.. all the girls crammed into a circle and put our feet together.. so I got a shot looking down, and one looking up, into our noses. Let me just tell you, we were giggling our pants off. None of us have superb balance. We hadn't even gone into the bar yet and we all looked drunk.

Luckily, we were then able to compose ourselves for this picture. Ahh.. so sweet.

While we were waiting for our food I took the liberty of taking pictures. No one even had to ask me to do it, I'm just that nice.

I was getting "crazy woman" looks from some guys sitting at a table next to us, so I decided to take a picture of them. They didn't even know it was comin'.

Wanna hear somethin' so funny!! Traci got pooped on!! Full on bird poop on her back. She said she had just mentionted the day before how a bird has never pooped on her. She yelled out "I'm going to get the swine flu!!" No Traci, that is from pigs.

Jesse was sweet enough to rush and get napkins to clean it off.

When we were leaving I somehow got the boys (all seven of them) to pose for a foot picture. Traci climbed up on mine and Jalynn's knees and attempted the impossible. The boys were complaining.. stepping out of place.. throwing a fit. I never understand, why don't they just suck it up so we can get the dang picture.

After the boys departed from their pose.. I was on the ground begging them to resume the position!! I hadn't gotten a picture from the bottom up yet!! They all ran away.. I was on my hands and knees.. Cody ended up on my back, and Jalynn looked like she was going to pee her pants. Here.. let me show you.

As if we hadn't already had a day full of "activities", we weren't done yet. You may be asking what else we could possibly have planned. Dessert of course. We were all heading back to Jalynn's for strawberry shortcake.. my favorite summer treat.

The kids played hopscotch.. yes Shonni is a "child at heart".

We watched videos of us all making fools of ourselves.

Before we left, we had my dad bench press Addison and Kapri. Kapri was clearly not excited about it.. so we went home and went to bed. The end.

I'm pretty sure I should get the prize for longest post EVER. Phew. I think I'll go take a nap.


  1. at least it was entertaining! I have to admit I have tried to take my picture in the mirror before (I get bored easy) but not with that good of luck!

  2. very entertaining!! you gave me a good laugh this morning!!

  3. Is it a 20ish minute drive from my house too?

  4. I'm dumb, but I know where the swine flu comes from! What if that bird ate a dead rotting pig earlier that day? hm hm ya never know! I got an instant rash...